Pins and needles, loss of sensation, shooting pains, a feeling of burning or other strange sensations can occur in some patients.

How do we test for it ?

These symptoms are evaluated by means of wide-ranging analysis of a person’s detailed medical history. A neurological examination will provide a better understanding of the location and the nature of the symptoms.

Typically, electroneuromyography, which measures the electrical activity of nerves and muscles, or a Doppler assessment, which examines blood vessels, produce normal results. Such tests are therefore not necessarily indicated in this situation.

How is it treated ? 

There is currently no specific treatment for post-COVID neuropathy. Generally, if symptoms are frequent and other underlying causes – such as vitamin or iron deficiencies or thyroid problems – have been ruled out, neuropathy is treated with medication prescribed by your paediatrician, primary physician or neurologist. The medication is aimed at reducing or masking the neuropathy but does not tackle the underlying cause. Acupuncture may help to relieve symptoms in some cases.

Mindfulness and hypnosis exercises can help in better managing strange sensations.