General conditions of use of the chatbot

The purpose of these general conditions of use (hereafter “GCU”) is to define the conditions of access and use of the Post-COVID Chatbot.

1. Presentation

A Chatbot “user” is defined as any natural person who exchanges messages with the Post-COVID Chatbot. Occasional or regular use of the conversational assistant by the user is subject to acceptance of the general conditions of use.
For any questions about these GCU, please use the following email address:

2. Purpose of the Post-COVID Chatbot 

The purpose of the post-COVID Chatbot is to answer the most frequently asked questions and provide post-COVID information. It may be gradually enhanced to best meet the needs of its users. All the medical information displayed on this site originates from reliable sources and has been validated by doctors and qualified professionals. The information disseminated on this platform is intended to encourage, not replace, direct relationships between the patient and healthcare professionals.

3. Accessibility of the Post-COVID Chatbot 

Access to the Post-COVID chatbot is free and available on this website.
The Post-COVID Chatbot is accessible from the following electronic devices, mobile or not: smartphone, computer, tablet, subject to their compatibility.
No subscription is required but for legal reasons, but its use is reserved to people over 16 years of age with personal consent and to those over 10 years of age with parental consent. 

4. Use of the Post-COVID Chatbot

The user shall refrain from any action likely to hinder or disrupt the proper functioning or technical accessibility of the Post-COVID Chatbot service. The user shall refrain from disrupting, blocking, slowing down or altering the normal flow of data exchanged as part of the Post-COVID Chatbot in any way that modifies or alters the operation of the Post-COVID Chatbot; nor shall the user commit any other action that may have an equivalent disruptive effect on the operation of the Post-COVID Chatbot.
In general, the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève shall assume no liability in the event of non-compliant use of the CGU and its services.

5. Availability of the Post-COVID Chatbot service

The HUG shall commit to implementing all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the Post-COVID Chatbot at all times, but has no obligation to guarantee such access, in particular in the event of a malfunction of the network, servers, or any other event beyond their control.
The HUG shall also reserve the right to suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Post-COVID Chatbot, without prior notice, in particular for maintenance operations and for any updates required for the proper functioning of the Post-COVID Chatbot and related equipment, or for any other reason, including technical reasons.

6.    Content of the Post-COVID Chatbot

The HUG aims to provide information that is as accurate as possible on the post-COVID Chatbot service. However, HUG is only bound by a best-efforts obligation as to the accuracy of the information provided. The content, presentation and operation of the Post-COVID Chatbot may be changed at any time due to new Post-COVID information.
The Post-COVID Chatbot is in no case a replacement for medico-health interactions. In particular, information provided by the Post-COVID Chatbot should not be considered as medical advice. The HUG pays the utmost attention to the quality and topicality of the content presented on the Post-COVID Chatbot and cannot be held liable for damages resulting from use by the user, for any purpose whatsoever, of the information communicated by the Post-COVID Chatbot.

7. Data privacy 

The Post-COVID Chatbot may collect and process personal data about users (in particular name or email address) in connection with the use of the Post-COVID Chatbot, if the user provides it in the conversation tool and so that the Post-COVID Chatbot can respond to it. Therefore, the user consents to this data collection by using the post-COVID chatbot. 
All the servers on which data collected by the Post-COVID Chatbot are processed, as well as the companies processing this data, are located in Europe. This means the data are all physically held on European territory. Data shall be retained for a maximum period of 3 years. Users shall be entitled to have access to all data collected about them and to assert their right to be forgotten.

8. Applicable law 

Any dispute related to the Post-COVID Chatbot shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Geneva, Switzerland. Swiss law applies.